Preventive Water Well Maintenance

Proactive Well Cleaning Saves Money, Extends the Life of Your Well and Reduces Downtime

water well maintenanceSTI has been providing water well rehabilitation services for the past 25 years and during that period we have determined it is far better to maintain yield and efficiencies than to try to recover them. This experience has led to the development of Aqua Gard® Preventive Water Well Maintenance Systems, where proactive rather than reactive cleaning has proved to be more efficient and much more economical for the client. In addition, because well and geological formation surfaces are kept clean, raw water quality is improved.

In these troubled economic times and while faciing required budget cuts, Aqua Gard® can ensure that your water supply demand and maintenance budget can be met, while realizing additional savings in energy costs. You can view specific examples of cost savings realized by some our of our clients here.

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