Corporate Responsibility

Since Subsurface Technologies’ inception in 1987, we have always maintained the highest standards in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Responsibility from our management and employees.

Our Vision

Using STI’s unique experiences to encourage municipal industrial and water utilities to shift operational practices away from vulnerable and low efficiency systems, to a truly sustainable path for their groundwater production, thereby reducing energy consumption for pumping and water treatment costs.

Environmental Responsibility

Beginning in 1987, STI set itself apart from its competitors by developing 100% environmentally sound alternative solutions to conventional chemical and acid well cleaning methods used for 100+ years, never veering from that path through today. In fact, the principal component of each technology we develop and employ, from well rehabilitation, preventive well maintenance and methane gas extraction to insitu iron/manganese and arsenic removal, is they must be environmentally friendly and avoid any waste stream.  –  We were Green before Green was popular!

Social Responsibility

Employee wellness, health and safety are considered paramount with all STI associates, particularly with field staff, often exposed to potentially dangerous conditions responding to our municipal, water utility and industrial, customer well and pump needs.   We encourage our management and associates to donate personal time, both inside our industry and within our community, to serve on charitable and community boards and participate in community and environmental educational events.

Governance Responsibility

We continue to encourage our clients to pursue truly sustainable paths for their ground water operating systems, promoting conservation, reuse & rehabilitation, along with methods that reduce energy consumption,  We strive to work and associate with stakeholders, clients and vendors in pursuit of expanding our mutual commitment to a like-minded culture.