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Subsurface Technologies, Inc. (STI) is a well and pump services company offering a broad range of progressive well rehabilitation and development techniques - along with revolutionary preventive well maintenance systems - to the water supply and environmental markets. Staffed by highly trained personnel STI delivers 100% environmentally sound solutions with unprecedented success.

Aqua Freed® is a patented, highly effective, environmentally-friendly well rehabilitation process developed by STI. Over 7,000 residential and municipal water wells have been successfully restored using this process. You can get all the information you need about getting more water with better quality from your well by using the Aqua Freed® process right here.

See how Aqua Freed® compares to other water well rehabilitation methods.

Because STI has been providing well rehabilitation services for the past 25 years we have come to believe that it is far better to maintain yield and efficiencies than to trying to recover what was lost. This experience has led to the development of Aqua Gard® Preventive Well Maintenance Systems, where proactive rather than reactive cleaning has proved to be more efficient and much more economical for the client. Because well and geological formation surfaces are kept clean, raw water quality is improved and energy costs are reduced.

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